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Charter School Cap Deadlocked in NY Legislature

The old Montmorenci School building.
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I’ve appraised a lot of charter schools in the last few years, so I’m interested in this story from the Business Review. A change in the cap will affect supply and demand considerations.

State lawmakers neglected to increase the cap on charter schools in New York on Tuesday, making the state vulnerable to losing up to $700 million in federal aid, said Gov. David Paterson.

New York currently permits 200 charter schools. Legislators had proposed increasing the cap to between 400 and 460.

The Legislature’s failure to adopt education reforms to illustrate to Washington D.C., its commitment to education reform comes at a time when Paterson has proposed a 2011 budget that calls for a $20.5 billion school aid reduction.

Read the rest of the story here: NY lawmakers deadlocked on charter school cap – The Business Review (Albany):.