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17 Chapel Street Construction Time Lapse

Chris Churchill of the Times-Union tweeted this video of the construction of condominiums 17 Chapel Street in Albany as captured from Zone 5, a communications firm…

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Albany 28th in Brainpower

The Business Review reports that Albany is ranked 28th out of 200 metropolitan areas in terms of brainpower.

The U.S. Census Bureau says a worker with an advanced degree will earn 31 percent more than a colleague with a bachelor’s degree, and 128 percent more than somebody who never went beyond high school.

That’s good news for places where there is an abundance of college campuses, such as the Albany, New York, area, which was ranked the 28th brainiest metropolitan area among the nation’s 200 largest market, according to a new Portfolio.com analysis. Portfolio.com is an affiliated publication of The Business Review.

I’m feeling smarter already!

Read more: Albany ranks 28th in brainpower study | The Business Review

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Albany 7th in Government Employment

The Business Review reports that Albany is ranked seventh in reliance on public sector employment:

Empire Plaza in Albany, NY
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Albany is among nineteen major U.S. markets that rely so heavily on government employment that more than 20 percent of their jobs are in the public sector, according to a new Business First study.Albany comes in at No. 7, with 23 percent of the jobs being in government (100,800 government jobs to 336,400 private-sector jobs).

Business First analyzed raw data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, calculating the shares of public- and private-sector employment in the nation’s 100 major metros as of August 2010. Public-sector totals include all workers with federal, state and local governments.

Read more: Albany among the most dependent on government jobs – The Business Review (Albany)

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Goodbye Austin, Hello Albany

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering a...

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The Business Review reports that International Sematech will be moving their headquarters and more than 100 jobs to Albany in January.

International Sematech’s headquarters and all operations will move in January 2011 to the the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

Gov. David Paterson said International Sematech was “picking up [its] stakes and moving its operations in Texas” and relocating to New York.

International Sematech and private partners will invest a combined $80 million, officials said. In addition, $20 million in state money will be contributed through the state Assembly and Empire State Development Corp.

International Sematech used to be based in Austin, Texas. The consortium has had a presence on the Albany NanoTech campus since 2003.

Read more: Int’l Sematech moving operations, 100 jobs to Albany – The Business Review (Albany)

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Albany State Education Bldg. (LOC)
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The Albany-Schenectady metro ranks 13th on the Daily Beast’s list of the Brainiest Cities:

Where do the biggest brainiacs in America live? Richard Florida crunches the numbers to figure out the smartest cities in the country.

Boulder, Colorado, tops the list of America’s brainiest metros. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and was recently named by BusinessWeek as the nation’s best place for startup companies.

America’s Brainiest Metros are a mix of large metros with a significant presence of technology and knowledge-based businesses and the nation’s premiere college and university towns. Not surprisingly, the presence of a major research university appears to be one of the most decisive variables. Durham or Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home to Duke University and the University of North Carolina takes second place, with neighboring Raleigh-Cary (home to North Carolina State) in 11th. Both are part of the famed North Carolina Research Triangle. Greater Washington DC comes in third, followed by Greater Boston (Harvard, MIT, Boston University), and the Trenton-Ewing metro in Central New Jersey, which includes Princeton University.

The remainder of the top 20 includes large tech metros like San Jose (Stanford), San Francisco, Austin (University of Texas) and Seattle (University of Washington) along with Olympia (the state capital, which is part of Greater Seattle’s expanded metro area), as well as college towns like Ithaca, New York, home to Cornell University (which also topped our earlier list of best places for college grads), Charlottesville (University of Virginia), Madison (University of Wisconsin), Corvallis (Oregon State University), Fort Collins (home to Colorado State University,) and Ames (Iowa State University) and Iowa City (the University of Iowa). The list also includes the Frost Belt metros of Albany-Schenectady (home to General Electric and SUNY Albany), and Rochester, Minnesota, (home to the Mayo Clinic and IBM’s largest global facility and which topped our previous list of biggest projected job gainers) also make the list.

The Brainiest Metros Index is based on three variables: (1) the share of adults 25 years of age and older with a Ph.D., master’s or professional degree (from the U.S. Census American Community Survey), (2) computer scientists and mathematicians as a share of all employment, and (3) scientists (physical, biological, social) as a share of total metro employment (both from Bureau of Labor Statistics). The index weights all three variables equally and covers 362 U.S. metro regions.

Read more at: America’s Brainiest Cities – The Daily Beast.

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Is Albany Dead? Albany, NY is rated as number seven on the top ten dead cities list. The Business Review’s Biz Blog reports on the story running WallSt24/7.

From the WallSt24/7 report:

7. Albany

Albany is still the capital of New York State. It was once one of the largest “inland ports” in the world sitting near the place where the Hudson River meets the Erie Canal. This helped it become a major center for finished lumber and iron works. Perhaps because of the influence of the politicians who worked in the city, several universities and colleges were built there. The city’s manufacturing industry helped the population to rise to 134,000 in 1950. it is now under 95,000. The higher education institutions in the region have begun to help Albany become a regional center for information technology and the biotechnology industries, but these are not large enough to offset declines in the city’s fortunes which began in the 1960s.

Read more:

America’s Ten Dead Cities: From Detroit To New Orleans – 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2010/08/23/americas-ten-dead-cities-from-detroit-to-new-orleans/3/#ixzz0xi8y8CtS

From Richard D’Errico’s post:

There’s a glimmer of positive news in the story. But it’s fleeting.

“The higher education institutions in the region have begun to help Albany become a regional center for information technology and the biotechnology industries,” McIntyre writes, “but these are not large enough to offset declines in the city’s fortunes which began in the 1960s.”

The other glimmer of positive news was that Albany is not Buffalo. Buffalo topped the list of dead cities, followed by Flint, Mich., Hartford, Conn., Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, Albany, Atlantic City, Allentown, Pa., and Galveston, Texas.

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Only 18th…?

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Chris Churchill reports in the Times Union that Portfolio magazine ranks Albany, NY as 18th in the U.S. for a high quality of life. Who’s in front? Raleigh, Washington, DC, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Bridgeport-Stamford… The last? Bakersfield, CA. The rankings were based on data such as commute times, jobless rates, and income levels of the 67 largest metropolitan areas.

One caveat: Portfolio also ranked Albany as “more fun than Las Vegas.” Hmmm…

Chris Churchill’s story can be found at: Study: Capital Region ranks high for quality of life – Places and Spaces – timesunion.com – Albany NY.

The portfolio story can be found on their site at: http://www.portfolio.com/business-news/us-uncovered/2010/05/24/raleigh-north-carolina-tops-us-metros-with-best-quality-of-life