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Moodys/REAL CPPI July 2009

Monthly National All Properties Index

Monthly National All Properties Index

July 22 , 2009 update:  The latest results of the Moodys/REAL CPPI show a return of negative 7.6% in May for the all properties national index.

Read the full story about the national and regional indexes:  MIT CRE : Moodys/REAL Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI).

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Moody's/REAL CPPI March 2009

The Moody’s/REAL Commercial Property Price Index, prepared by Moody’s, the MIT Center for Real Estate, and Real Capital Analytics, tracks commercial property prices in the United States. It uses a repeat sale methodology.

The March 2009 report comments on the National All Property Types Index as follows:

In this report, the Moody’s/REAL National All Property Type Aggregate Index for January measures 151.58, a decrease of 5.5% from the previous month. The index now stands 19.1% below the level seen a year ago, and is 21% below the peak measured in October 2007. The index is 15.4% lower than it was two years ago. This report is based on data through the end of January.

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